"Remix on Cinemagram" Adds ABC and TMZ

Created with cinemagr.am

Early signs are showing that users really love remixing professional video content on Cinemagram and sharing it with our growing community. As a result, we’ve added two new partners under “Featured Videos”.

1. ABC Once Upon A Time - remix exclusive clips of the upcoming Once Upon A Time’s season which will air on Sept 30.

2. TMZ - remix hilarious clips of PSY, Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx and many more.

You’ll also see new clips from Red Bull, Pink, and Linkin Park



To access “Featured Videos”, follow these steps: 

1. Tap on the folder icon within the “Capture” function to locate “Featured Videos”.

2. Choose the video clips you want to remix.

3. Create your remix and share it with friends!


We look forward to seeing your remixes!